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two men wrestling in an arena during a bout, one is holding his leg up
Boxing 🥊
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an image of a drawing of a man's back with the words sanchin dachi on it
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Men’s Training Gear
an info poster showing the different areas to target in a fight, with instructions for how to
Can You Even Throw a Punch
Areas to Target With Unarmed Strikes [Infographic] "During close combat, Marines strive to attack the accessible target areas of an opponent’s body. The readily accessible areas will vary with each situation and throughout the engagement. The target areas are divided into five major groups: head, neck, torso, groin, and extremities. The figure below illustrates target areas of the body. " #MMA #Martial Arts #Self #Defense #Fight #selfdefensetricks
the drawing shows two hands reaching for an object with one hand and another holding something in its other hand
Muay Thai Training: The Best Schools That Will Teach The Art
a man and woman are doing an acrobatic move in front of a lake
Pinned by "Isra Lan" : Chicas Martiales
a woman standing in the middle of a road with a punching bag on her back
Studying various world martial arts and related artwork. Join me here to keep up with what I’m... #MuscleGirls