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Crafts from local pound stores. :)
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there are four different pictures of books with skeleton images on them, and one has a book in the shape of a bat
Merry Halloween! - Better After
Aged "leather" spell & potion books for Halloween. Made with paint, tissue, and dollar store toys!
there are two pieces of blue paper on the back of a white chair with holes in it
Tutorial: Sink Mat Rag Rug » Dollar Store Crafts
Ingenious idea for making a Rag Rug - with a surprising dollar store material
a pink basket sitting on top of a couch next to a white chair with the words dollar store basket
DIY Easter Basket for a girl - Purchase a basket from the Dollar Store for 1.00, buy some Tulle from your local craft/fabric store add ribbon and rhinestones. Beautiful homemade Easter Basket!
an organized kitchen with the words organize your kitchen on it and pictures of various items
Organize Your Kitchen with One Trip to the Dollar Store - Mad in Crafts
the collage is full of different crafting items and crafts that are on display
60 Projects to Make with Dollar Store Supplies
60 Projects to Make with Dollar Store Supplies - DIY & Crafts
14 pretty & practical dollar store crafts Upcycling, Spring Topiary, Flower Topiary, Diy Wedding Favors Cheap, Sweater Pumpkins, Cupcake Stands, Dollar Store Hacks, Spring Craft, Styrofoam Ball
Home and Garden DIY Ideas
14 pretty & practical dollar store crafts
the dollar store diy is full of fall leaves and other things to make it look like
36 Dollar-Store DIY Projects to Try Out
22 dollar store DIY projects to tackle!
there are many different items that can be used to organize your home or office in this collage
Home and Garden DIY Ideas
20 ways to organize your life with dollar store items! I loveeee the laundry basket tags--so clever!
four wooden boxes sitting on top of a blue carpet next to another box with decorative designs
Transform wooden trays from the dollar store into shadow boxes using scrapbooking paper.
there are two framed pictures with writing paper tied to the sides and ribbons on them
Erase Board Frames - Craft Storage Ideas
Take dollar stire frames put a lined piece of paper behind it add a dry erase marker and tada you have a fun dry erase board or cheap christmas gift
an organized drawer with toothbrushes, combs and other items
Organize your drawers with dollar store bins ~ or pound shop stuff, in my case! Good idea, I'll get onto that!
a kitchen cabinet with baskets on it and the words need a shelf when there isn't one?
150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home
Hanging Baskets for Under the Sink - 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home
a multicolored circular ornament hanging from a black cord on a white surface
Rainbow Bauble No.2, Felt Christmas Ornament - Etsy
Christmas decoration / baby toy