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an image of people in a boat with palm trees on the shore and one man is sitting
Что делать, если в ухо залез таракан
Peter Doig
an oil painting of a ferris wheel and people
Peter Doig - Rainbow Wheel 1999
an image of a painting with flowers in the foreground
Exhibit Art
“ Fleurs étranges - Strange flowers, 1910 Odilon Redon 1840-1916 ”
an oil painting of the ocean with mountains in the background
(#256) Peter Doig
Peter Doig B.1959 THE PAINTER'S LAKE signed, titled, dated '99 and inscribed Vienna on the reverse oil on canvas 24 by 30.2 cm.; 9 1/2 by 11 7/8 in.
an abstract painting of mountains and trees
"Ski-Mountain", Peter Doig, (Scotland, b. 1959), 1995, oil on board, 12 7⁄8 x 11¾", private collection.
an oil painting of trees on a hill
an image of a painting that looks like it is floating in the water with green and blue colors
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Peter Doig, Carerra
a painting of a bird sitting on top of a tree branch in the middle of water
100 Years Ago
100 years ago
an abstract painting with water and grass
Peter Doig
a painting of a boat on the water with trees and birds flying around in the background
peter doig | Peter Doig, Figures in Red Boat , 2005-07, Oil on linen, 250 x 200 cm ...
a painting of a person sitting in a red canoe
an abstract painting of trees and water with orange sky in the backgrounnd
Peter Doig - part 2
Peter Doig, do you remember when we made eye-contact in Washington DC?