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a hand is holding a small doll house in front of a floral wallpapered background
Houses & Doll's House Miniatures for Doll Handmade for sale | eBay
a wooden sculpture with houses on top of it next to rocks and a tree stump
Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Love boundless, bright and tender!
Miniatura de Casa no penhasco... Miniature, Madera, Madeira, Wood Sculpture, Artesanato, Pintura, Driftwood
Miniatura de casa no penhasco
Obra feita com madeiras coletadas na praia de Itapiruba SC. Autor Soul Mar
a hand holding up a miniature model of a town with houses and trees on it
a hand holding a small wooden box with a toy car on it and a house in the background
a small toy house made out of wood and metal with wheels on the outside, sitting on a table
two small white houses sitting on top of a table
Decor by Nizaeva Victoria. Miniature
a house made out of cardboard sitting on top of a wooden table
a small blue house with red and white awnings on the roof is sitting in front of a wall