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a ceramic lizard sitting on top of a piece of wood with holes in it's body
Featured Gourd of the Month:"Snacktime"Carved gourd with added cholla wood, Collared Lizard made from Apoxie Sculpt, and brass butterflies.By Bonnie Gibson
a woman is sitting down with her hands on a vase
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All kinds of gourd carving, painting techniques
a woman sitting on the ground working on some kind of thing in front of her
Very cool tutorial!! Owl_Tutorial_ For those that are not aware; there is a short list of 'extraordinary' gourd artists .... this lady: Phyllis Sicles, is hovering rigth at the top of that list...imntbho..her work is off the chain!
a man kneeling down next to a large watermelon in the grass with his hands on it
Gourd Seeds - GIANT BUSHEL - Drying Instructions Included -10 Heirloom Seeds
Giant Bushel Gourd ★ Monster ★ Drying Instructions Included ★10 Heirloom Seeds★
an artistically designed vase with dragonflies and swirls on it's side
Dragonfly Gourd you know I have to love this one
an old vase with some dried plants in it's top and roots sticking out of the bottom
a ceramic sculpture of a woman with long hair
an old worn out shoe with laces on the top and bottom, sitting in front of a black background
a pumpkin shaped like a jack - o - lantern sitting on top of a wooden box
Scary gourd
two vases with designs on them are next to each other and one has a light bulb hanging from it
August2010 Arizona Gourds Newsletter
a sculpture is shown on a wooden base
dancer sculpture looks like gourd