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a painting of a whale jumping out of the water with birds flying above it in the background
Tylosaurus vs Dolichorhynchops "Sea Monster" Art by James Gurney. Tylosaurus was a mosasaur, a large, predatory marine lizard closely related to modern monitor lizards and to snakes. Dolichorhynchops is a genus of polycotylid plesiosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America, containing three species, D. osborni, D. bonneri and D. tropicensis, as well as a questionably referred fourth species, D. herschelensis.
a blue bird standing on top of a lush green forest
Microraptor by Jonathan Kuo
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur with its mouth open and it's legs spread out
Troodon Pictures & Facts - The Dinosaur Database
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur in the jungle
Educational Games, Worksheets, and More for Kids
This fast little dinosaur hunter, Troodon, lived on the forest floor and was a terror to frogs, other small reptiles, birds, and small mammals.
two giraffes standing next to each other in the woods
X. It’s what’s happening
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an illustrated poster showing different types of dinosaurs
Dios: Una hipótesis que se puede poner a prueba
A sus 79 años el autor de más de trece libros y quien fuera miembro del comité de la organización Comité para la investigación escéptica,...
an image of marine animals that are in different stages of their life cycle, including sharks and dolphins
Monstruos marinos del pasado - Past sea monsters
an oil painting of a bird flying through the air with trees in the foreground
Maravillas del siglo pasado
an image of different birds that are in the same place on this page, and what they mean to be
Aves gigantes.
an image of elephants and other animals in the water with their tails curled up to each other
two large dinosaurs standing in the grass near trees
Spinosaurus and Ouranosaurus. by Vitamin Imagination., Vitamin Imagination