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an embroidered patch with a bird and a cat on it's face, in the shape of a rectangle
Linda Miller Machine Embroidery Workshop Chichester - Blog
Linda Miller Machine Embroidery Workshop Chichester - Blog ...
a drawing of a woman throwing a frisbee in the grass with trees behind her
Really like her work wish I could do It
a white and black dog with a red ball in it's mouth on the ground
Linda Miller Embroideries
Linda Miller machine embroidery site
a woman in an orange dress is flying through the air
For Sale
Honey by Linda Miller. Machine embroidery.
an image of a woman holding a dog in her arms on a patchwork quilt
Linda Miller
Linda Miller
two people walking in the snow with luggage
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Linda Miller
two men with seagulls on their heads are standing in front of the ocean
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Linda Miller, embroidery
a greeting card featuring a woman walking her dog in the snow with birds flying around
Linda Miller cards are prints from embroidered works
several square pieces of art with hearts on them
A Fabric Adiction
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