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a light that is inside of a wooden frame with a light bulb in it's center
Wooden Hanging Lamp Pendant Lighting Wood Lamp Wooden Lamp - Etsy
several different images of the inside of a building with various lighting fixtures in it and some people working on them
Lámpara DIY de aspecto rústico
Lámpara DIY de aspecto rústico -
a bunch of lights hanging from the ceiling in front of a window with a wooden beam
Lámparas de exterior para este verano hechas con palets – I Love Palets
lámparas de palets
three different views of a chandelier made from stained glass and wood panels, hanging on a wall
Reclaimed Bushel Basket Into Pendant Lamp • Recyclart
A Washed-color wooden bushel baskets bring back to life into a nice and rustic looking pendant lantern. Add a hint of color to any casual space!…