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a crocheted doily with flowers on it sitting on top of a table
Encantador nuevo algodón rojo redondo hecho a mano Doily - Etsy España
an orange crocheted doily with a pink flower on the side and a green plant in the middle
Hermoso medio doily nuevo óvalo doily naranja ligera doily | Etsy España
New hand-crocheted doily. This beautiful, lacy doily would be an elegant centerpiece, a lovely accent for your home. Color: light orange . Please note that colors shown may vary depending on your monitor settings. Material: 100% mercerized cotton. Size approximately: 15 23/64 x 7 7/8 in (39 x 20
a crocheted pillow with a stuffed animal on it
Lav en flot pude i hæklet Log Cabin
En sød pude i ægte oldemorstil. Log Cabin er en supernem hæklemetode, og farverne kan varieres i det uendelige, så det søde mønster er en god måde at bringe lidt farve ind i hjemmet på.
four different pictures of crocheted squares on the ground
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log cabin, log cabin, gehaakte log cabins, haken logcabins, log cabins in granny ... #cabin #cabins #gehaakte #Granny #haken #log #logcabins
crochet halter top pattern with the words, the best halter tops crocheted patterns
10 The Best Crochet Halter Tops
The Best Crochet Halter Tops - Crochet Patterns, Free Patterns. Sleeveless tops are a must this summer. See our crocheted top guide to pick out something for yourself. Remember that each crop top can be crocheted to a longer length and transformed to a halter top or sleeveless top. #freecrochetpatterns #croptop #bralette #yourcrochet #sleeveless #summerstyle #crochet #crochetpattern #fashioninspiration
crocheted santa clause booties are being made
This step by step tutorial, shows how to make this traditional Crochet Baby Sant - Amigurumi Ideas
This step by step tutorial, shows how to make this traditional Crochet Baby Sant #baby #Crochet #Sant #shows #Step #traditional #Tutorial