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a white pitcher sitting on top of an old green table next to a wooden stool
Dreamy Whites
Distress the piece all over, keeping the top a lighter colour.
white dishes stacked on top of each other
French Larkspur
a cabinet filled with lots of white dishes
ironstone..through my lens
a collection of white pitchers and jugs on display
Holly Lane Antiques's Blog
Holly Lane Antiques's Blog - I Antique Online
five white vases are lined up on a shelf next to plates and dishes in front of a wallpapered wall
Restoration House
Ironstone pitchers--need a collection!
a group of white vases sitting on top of a wooden table
American Vintage | A Gateway to Timeless Aesthetics
oh, good. I"m not the only one with a thing for white pitchers :)
there are many white vases on the table
More white pitchers
three white vases are sitting on a shelf
Cupboard Secrets
there are many plates hanging on the wall
so many muffins and not enough mooses...
Garden fencing makes a platter display
a white pitcher and plate sitting on top of a table
Beboterd servies
gorgeous ironstone collection ♥♥
a stack of white dishes sitting on top of each other next to plates and bowls
Scarlett Scales Antiques
Stack of Ironstone! Scarlett Scales Antiques - Franklin, Tennessee Hip Antique Boutique