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embroidered patches depicting different types of items on a white surface with the words, 90's and 80's written across them
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various embroidered patches with faces and words on them, all decorated in different shapes and sizes
a small purse with an eye design on it
Nouveaux accessoires d'été pour femmes
a pair of scissors and a crocheted coaster
several crocheted smiley face items in a basket
three crocheted heart shaped keychains with zebra print and hearts on them
Christmas Hair, Hair Ties, Diy Hairstyles, Natale, Hair Band, Ponytail Holders, Stylish Headbands, Diys
Red Green Color Velvet Scrunchies Women Christmas Hair Rope Flannel Elastic Hair Bands Ponytail Holder Xmas Hair Accessories Hot - 10
Tutorial Diy - Vincha scrunchie