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two comics with skulls talking to each other and one saying, so you like to make art?
Rebecca ‘Stormy Gail’ Art on Instagram: “First of all…I can multitask. Second of all. Don’t look at me or I’ll cry more. Still trying to stave off pneumonia so if theres a sudden…”
a tweet that reads dad jokes i was really struggling to get my wife's attention so i sat down on the sofa and looked comfortable comfortable
Dad Jokes by Pubity on Instagram: “🤣🤣”
a comic strip with an image of a bird and fire
GOD OF ART MEMES✨ on Instagram: “via: @Comics.Collective 🔥 by #sweatybirdcomics @sweatybirdcomics . . . #funnymemes #dankmemes #memesdaily #dailymemes #memes #memeaccount…”