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a dining room with green chairs and a table
a white kitchen table with two stools and a small bottle on the counter top
a kitchen with a table, washer and dryer in it
a wooden table with two benches and a potted plant on it in front of a refrigerator
a large kitchen island in the middle of a floored area with white tile on it
a kitchen island with two drawers and a bowl of fruit on top
a dining room table and chairs in front of a sliding glass door
a wooden table topped with a laptop computer sitting next to a wall covered in pictures
a kitchen with a table and two benches in front of the window that looks out onto the yard
an empty table and bench in a small room with tile flooring on the walls
a kitchen island with four stools in it
a kitchen with black and white checkered flooring
a kitchen area with a table, chairs and shelves filled with food on top of checkered flooring
an empty kitchen with a large wooden table in it's center area, overlooking a field