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Intervenciones de jardines y paisajes.
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a painting of two pink flowers on a branch with blue leaves and green leaves around it
Camellia Japonica Art Print by Pierre Joseph Redoute
Camellia Japonica Print By Pierre Joseph Redoute
a drawing of purple flowers with green leaves
Griffon's Medieval Manuscripts
Joseph Paxton 1841 - Blue Spotted Flowered Marianthus
a little boy that is standing in the dirt under an arch with leaves on it
for mylady h
Central Park, autumn, NYC
yellow flowers are in the foreground and buildings in the background
A walk in the park
Central Park in Spring #NewYorkCity
a group of people standing around a fountain in the middle of a brick area with water
New York City Central Park
New York City - Central Park
there is a large body of water surrounded by tall buildings
Crush Cul de Sac
Central Park
an aerial view of central park and the lake in new york city, ny at sunset
Top View of Central Park Manhattan, New York City
an old man with a cane standing in the woods
Portrait of Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape designer and architect by John Singer Sargent, 1895
a water fountain in the middle of a garden
❀ Love At Psychedelic Velocity
A perfect water feature by the master, Russell Page (RIP)
a pond surrounded by hedges and water lilies
Russell Page, Turin garden.