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Pingüinos de barbijo (by Marcelo Gurruchaga)
Rockhopper penguin


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I am so-oo-oo gorgeous! Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than me? (Don't answer that.)
Ducks at a Distance (1 of 2): A Waterfowl Identification Guide by Hines, Robert W. (TAG:LINK=>ARCHIVE.ORG; PUBLIC DOMAIN)


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wow... I'm not sure I've ever seen a tail fanned to this extreme!
~ White Peacock in the Garden ~                                                                                                                                                                                 More


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Peregrine Falcon in a dive; up to 200 mph, it's the world's fastest animal. A widespread bird of prey, it's a large, crow-sized falcon.


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nice rooster in Thailand


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Hummingbirds | Charting Nature - Vintage Botanical, Fish and Wild Bird Art Prints
Wine-throated hummingbird By:@birdlover_gt
Hummingbird + Columbine blossom


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Hawk Headed Parrot
When do you feed your Parrot? Throughout the day or at set times? Dot Schwarz has the answer. #mealtimes #parrotmealtimes #meal #parrotfood


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an eagle flying in the air with its wings spread
two birds standing next to each other near water
Shoebill with pup
a bird nest with two blue eggs in it and an orange cup sticking out of the top
a small brown bird sitting on top of a tree branch with its wings spread out
a bird is sitting on the ground with it's head in its beak and feathers sticking out
a large bird sitting on the ground next to flowers
a colorful bird sitting on top of a tree branch
a blue and yellow bird sitting on top of a moss covered tree branch with its wings spread
a yellow and black bird sitting on top of a green plant
an image of a bird with blue feet
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