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a green poster that says you have only failed if you have given up until then, it's learning
growth mindset quotes for kids
It's all about "grit" and having a Growth Mindset--let's set our kids up for a life full of learning and feeling confident in their ability to overcome their mistakes!
colorful pencils with the words important things that tests can't measure
30+ Important Things That Tests Can’t Measure + FREE Printable Poster
Important Things That Tests Can't Measure - FREE PDF poster download! via All About Learning Press
there is a bag with some candy in it and a note attached to the package
Testing treat bags
a yellow sheet with black writing on it and some words in the bottom right corner
The Poem Farm
The Poem Farm-song about testing and how it is hurting the kids by making them a "number" and not recognizing the gifts they have on all of the other days they aren't tested! Everyone should hear this!
Motivational Quotes For Students Taking Final Exams Quotable Quotes
25 Motivational Quotes To Get You Through Finals Week
Motivational Quotes For Students Taking Final Exams