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an art piece with flowers painted on it
Telar decorativo - Flores Más
a wall hanging made out of yarn with a tree on the top and branches above it
Árbol burdeos María Coca - Artelista.com
Árbol burdeos Más
a potted plant is hanging on a wall with strings attached to the bottom and sides
Tapiz telar "Arbol" - Paperblog
Resultado de imagen para telares decorativos de arboles
the weaving is hanging on the wall
a red and white towel hanging on the wall next to a metal hook with two bells
a sculpture made out of branches and plants
A woven mat. Or privacy screen. Or, done with flowers, just for decoration.
a close up of a piece of cloth on a wooden chair with wood slats in the background
Guitar Strap "Vibe of the Day"
Usually, I do not put patterns on paper before I set up my loom. I warp and design as I go. The golden sunshine and bright blue skies of the day were reflected in the colors of this guitar strap. I wove it while enjoying myself immensely at the Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton, CA, June of 2014. I called it "Vibe of the Day". ~Annie MacHale
a person is working on some kind of structure with wires attached to the top and bottom
Telar Mapuche
Hace bastante tiempo que quería aprender telar y al fin ahora pude empezar. Conseguí mi telar y bueno, acá me ven. En ...
a vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a white wall next to a mirror
Telar decorativo
a piece of art made to look like a tree with leaves and branches on it
some yellow flowers are growing out of the grass in front of a black framed frame
Working Trees
Otoño florido.
a wooden frame holding a mirror with yarn on it and beads hanging from the wall
telar enmarcados lana de oveja arbolitos
Resultado de imagen para telar enmarcados lana de oveja arbolitos
an old weaving machine with many different colored yarns on it and someone working in the background
Telar decorativo
a wire tree with red, blue and green beads on it's branches is shown