A choripan in Argentina

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Este es el verdadero ""CHORIPAN ARGENTINO"" en pan frances chorizo asado y cortado a la mariposa y se le agrega si queres, chimichurri y salsa criolla. Cualquier otro condimento que le agreges deja de ser ""CHORIPAN"" y pasa hacer un sandwich de chorizo

chicha chilena, bebida tradicional de las fiestas patrias en Chile

Chicha chilena, bebida tradicional de las Fiestas Patrias en Chile.

Curanto; Chilean Islands of Chiloé  Unlike many of the grilling styles on our list, curanto has not yet become widely popularized outside of its native land. Specific to the Chiloé Archipelago of islands off the western coast of Chile, curanto is a mass of mixed foods — usually fresh local shellfish, potatoes, milcaos (a kind of potato pancake), and meats — wrapped or covered in large leaves and smoked in a pit in the ground

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Charquican (Vegetarian Charquican) | This rustic comfort food has ancient origins with the Mapuche people of South America, but remains a humble staple for home cooks in Chile today. Traditionally made using dried beef called charqui, this vegetarian version can be served plain as a side dish or topped with a fried egg for a simple meal. | From: saveur.com

Chilean Vegetable Stew

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