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an image of a pikachu character in front of a window with the number 28 on it
#ポケモン ライチュウの部活動 【2月】 - カフェのイラスト - pixiv
ライチュウの部活動 【2月】 [4]
an image of a cartoon character sleeping
Chibi Raichu
two cartoon animals with headphones on, one is listening to the other's ear
Chibi Raichu
two cartoon characters sitting at a table with sushi dishes in front of them on the counter
a drawing of a cute little pikachu with lightning bolt on it's back
026 Raichu by Miss-Glitter on DeviantArt
026 Raichu by Miss-Glitter.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Image result for pokemon anime raichu gifs
a drawing of a pikachu sitting on top of an arrow
Raichu official artwork gallery
Raichu official artwork gallery | Pokémon Database
a cartoon character sitting on the ground with an arrow in his hand and wearing a bow tie
a bunch of pikachu are grouped together
Gotta Catch 'Em All!