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a pink background with the words verano and a watermelon
100 cosas que puedes hacer (o no) en verano
a black and white photo with the words finalmente, mira por 4 minutos
Juega bien estas cartas: las 36 preguntas para enamorarse de cualquiera (Published 2016)
Juega bien estas cartas: las 36 preguntas para enamorarse de cualquiera – Español
a paper with some writing on it that says how i met your mother 1 high five
how i met your mother workout plan. Because I watch too much tv, I can at least make it worth my time...
a sign that has some writing on it
Friends workout
a sign that says 30 dias do dibujos in spanish and english
Te reto¡ Pega esto en tu muro y cumple el reto #30dias30dibujos
an image of a list of things to do
Lista de cosas que quiero hacer by Angelus19 on DeviantArt
Lista de cosas que quiero hacer by Angelus19
an iphone screen with the words life is good because of diy cupcake holders | Bloglovin’
Life is good because of my family, my friends, and God. I literally can't think of any better life that I could ask for. This has been the best summer I've ever had, and it's all because of Him. I hope everyone else can enjoy life like I do. Life is beautiful, and so are you.
six different types of logos on a black background, each with an image of the sun and
Sunday Lounge
Wanderlust Graphics by Jared Jacob
an image of some type of art nouveau style with gold and black accents on it
Skybox Creative
This #tribal inspired #mandala set combines elements of the earth, moon, geometry, feathers and animal totems.
8 frames to doodle with different shapes and sizes, including the nameplates
Home Diy
8 Frames to Doodle
the font and numbers are all in different styles, but there is no image to describe
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
JOSÉ BRAVO / HERRERO / ZAHORÍ : Hierro, arte, arquitectura, interiorismo y…
an open notebook with writing on it and weather related items in the pages, along with handwritten notes
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daily - sunshine - weather - arrow - water layout BULLET JOURNAL JUNKIES * FB I'm not complaining about the gorgeous weather but it does seem silly to be tracking the warm sunshine we get- but look, it rained today- love adding the cloud- and rain drops!