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a wooden table sitting on top of a pallet
The Movable Feast™
could be an awesome walk around fixture. I would make the bottom a little taller to put clothing hanging underneath
a store with shelves filled with items and pictures on the wall above them, along with baskets
The back of the store; more revamping!
Oliver and Rust: The back of the store; more revamping!
an old ladder with pictures and candles on it
15 idées pour vous inspirer à utiliser des échelles en bois comme décoration
a wooden shelf filled with lots of different types of items next to a brick wall
Our naughty bits are out there for anyone to grab! Grab Bag of handmade soap, a you can fit for only $8.
a wagon filled with books sitting on top of a hard wood floor
A vintage wagon to store children's books. Talk about thinking outside of the box! Ivy Clad: Guest Post: Classic Chic Home ~ ORDER IN THE PLAYROOM
a house made out of wooden planks and buckets on the floor in a shop
Wooden Country Barn Style Store Floor Display | Wooden Display
Wooden Crate Floor Display, Wood Crates, Wood Display, Produce Displays, Craft Displays
three tiered baskets filled with soaps on top of a wooden table next to other items
Soap Display -- need for all my soaps from Lush... obsessed/hoarding!
the inside of a store with many items on display
Wooden cable spools for display tables
a wooden rack with several necklaces hanging from it's sides and a deer head mounted on the wall
Home Tour: Emma's Bedroom
Love the deer antlers for displaying jewellery - Emma's bedroom tour
a table topped with lots of white trees covered in beads and chains on top of it
Jewellery display Ideas
paper mache trees, jewelry display at Humanite'. Going to make something like this to hang from my wall and spray paint it gold!
a wooden shelf sitting on top of a brick floor next to a white wall and stairs
DIY Pallets of Wood : 30 Plans and Projects