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coffee mugs with faces drawn on them
shenzhen jewelives Monday Morning Mug
a close up of a piece of paper with a heart on it and the words you are my monday
a black and white photo with the words caffina caragando
lunes - Cosas bonitas... en @BijouPrivee
a blue poster with the words, hoy serael mejo lunaes de toba la semana
Lunes #lunes
a poster with a toasted bread character on it
La actitud para empezar el lunes
a coffee cup with a person sitting on top of it and the caption says, seguna la vamos nos
a sign with a coffee cup on it that says, tranquillos tranquidos no es lunaes
tranquilidad, mañana no es lunes... sólo un día después del domingo!
four squares with different words on them and one has the same caption in spanish
Sonríe, es Lunes #122
...Resumiendo...: Sonríe, es Lunes #122
the spanish text is written in different colors and font, as well as an image of a
Lunes...(and a tiny intro to the past subjunctive for my seniors...)
an orange and white poster with words in spanish
Lunes.. Otra vez!