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a purple and white flower sitting on top of a wooden table next to a moon
there is a painting on the wall with a person sitting in yoga position inside it
Gregory and Jenny’s Relaxed Hippie Bungalow
winnetou Art, Thread Art, Grafik, Art Diy, Artesanato, Dot Painting, Dots Art
September 2012 – Romanian String Art
a card with an image of a woman's face in blue and yellow on it
Buda fondo blanco
a circular artwork with an omen symbol in the center on a black plate next to a wooden wall
String art
Om mandala string art colorful Instagram I'd - @theditchofart
a shadow of a man holding an umbrella next to a lamp post
a woman in an orange and green dress with her hands on her head, standing against a white wall
a black and white painting on the wall
Pin by Griso Duu on Decoupe Laser | Scrap metal art, Metal sculpture wall art, Wood laser ideas
an elephant made out of beads on a wooden board with a white wall in the background
Elephant frame
a deer's head is made out of wood and beaded with multicolored beads
an animal made out of bead and wire on a table with scissors, thread spools and other crafting supplies
Стринг-арт — картины из гвоздей и нитей: что это и как ему научиться — BurdaStyle.ru
a red embroidered design on black paper with the shape of a sun in the center
Motiver - Replant Art