a mani with black and white unicorns on it's nails, which are decorated with flowers
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Please note everything in my store is Hand made! I have a 2-5 day processing time to make your decals for you before I can send them.♦♦ Hand Made in Australia with Love ♦♦ Handcrafted Unique Nail Decals, Made with Love What you will receive: 1 Sheet of Water Nail Transfers in the Design above Quantity: 23 Decals Per Sheet Specifications: Sheet Size 5.5cm x 5cm Simple to use: 1. Trim, clean, and polish the fingernails. 2. Paint a LIGHT Background Colour on the nails (White works best). 3. Cut the pattern and soak it into water for 10-20 seconds. 4. Slide decal off the backing paper and place onto the nail (The backing paper side adheres to the nail). 5. Stick the pattern into position. 6. Soak up the excess water with a paper towel or wipe. 7. Cap with clear nail polish or UV top coat. We have a video for applying our Full Cover Nail Decals Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDiuPfTDGDg The same principles apply to our smaller image decals. First photo is for illustration purpose only, sizing will depend on the nails being applied to♥ Naughty Nails has evolved into NAILpixie. Same Decals you love, but now with an Enchanting name that embraces my passion ♥
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