three packaged items in a box with labels on the side and two empty bags next to each other

Soy wax melts 4 snapbars, high quality natural eco soy wax melts, wax melt gift set, Vegan friendly, assorted scents.

A selection of high quality eco soy wax scented wax melt snap bars. Set of 4, 50g bars per box. 5 pieces per bar. Each piece provides approx 15hours of scent. Giving you approx 300hrs per box! Handmade in Oxfordshire. Sets available: Option. 1. Parma Violets, Coconut & Shea, Black Cherry, Lemon Sherbet. Option 2. Fresh Linen, Lemon Sherbet, Monkey Farts, Spiced Apple. Option 3. Parma Violets, Lemon Sherbet, Rhubarb & Custard, Black Cherry. Option 4. Blueberry Muffin, Bakewell Tart…


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