Mandarin garnet / Spessartin garnet necklace Casual Mandarin garnet necklace, the garnets are of good quality with very few inclusions matrix , the color is a rich intense orange without brown color. This wonderful garnet necklace is untreated and naturally. The necklace is available in two lengths  1. in 46,5cm with clasp 2. Plus extensions chain with 6cm length (Sterling Silver rhodium plated)  Beads diameter: 6,2mm to 3,8mm The jewel is beaded on 49 strands  Professional Stainless Steel Jewel Mandarin Garnet, Necklace Casual, Spessartine Garnet, Pyrite Pendant, Second Option, Necklace Orange, Casual Necklaces, Brown Tone, Garnet Necklace