a plant is sitting on the floor next to a blue and pink rug with an arrow pattern
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Mixed Pattern Vinyl plank flooring , Purple Vinyl Floor Mat, Beige Vinyl Rug, Plank PVC Mat, Linoleum Rug, Vinyl Flooring, Stone Carpet

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Vitájte 👋🏻 Let's create with me your perfect and comfortable home space. Easy change with my vinyl mats! Standard sizes available on droplist 👇🏻 23.63 x 35.44 in / 60 x 90 cm 31.5 x 47.25 in / 80 x 120 cm 47.25 x 70.9 in / 120 x 180 cm 39.4 x 59 in / 100 x 150 cm Take into consideration, that the final product may slightly vary from the visualisation provided. We offer rugs in many different sizes, and that causes the pattern to get slightly cropped or scaled differently. The dimensions may vary slightly - 2 and the dimensions in the droplist are rounded. If you want to fit the mat perfectly to your floor 👇🏻 Leave me a message with the dimensions, I will create a project specially for you - you will get a digital preview and quote. Also, you can choose your colors and pattern. NOTE - depending on the monitor settings, the colors showed may vary from the original. If you want to fit your mat to your interior 👇🏻 it's not a problem, I can find something for you - send me a picture and go on! Vinyl flooring specification 👇🏻 Invite your friends for a housewarming party, sit on the floor, and don't worry about spilled prosecco 🤭 Play with your muddy pets 🐕 Material is very easy to clean, you can wash it only with water with delicate detergents. When you put it on your floor, you can rest assured of comfort and safety. My mats are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The thickness of the vinyl floor mat is 2mm (0,07"). I using the best ink to printing my mats, and a very precision printer to cut them, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality! 👍🏻 You deserve it as much as I do. Vinyl mats can be used only in shaded and enclosed spaces. In accordance with the Etsy Return Policy, you have to pay all applicable duties and customs charges for shipments. Customer is responsible for covering costs of return shipment. Hope it's understandable 🙏🏻 If you have more concerns, questions, ideas - write to me, I will be happy to help you! ❤️
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