Meilì natural Agate Gua Sha stone (translates as "beautiful") is an ancient Chinese beauty tool that helps de-puff, detox and destress. Gua sha works by engaging tissue to eliminate fluid build-up in the lymph nodes. Regardless of whether you believe in cleansing your “chi” or the healing powers of stones, the cool, soothing sensation of the facial gua sha technique will promote a moment of mindfulness and relaxation we all need after a stressful day. Or a stressful year. GUA SHA BENEFITS: Promotes blood circulation and adds a healthy glow Helps to sculpt the face and reduce fine line Promotes lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness and inflammation Relieves muscle tension and can aid in reducing tension headaches, migraines and neck pain The gua sha scraping technique helps rid of non Mindfulness, Gua Sha Tools, Gua Sha Facial, Lymph Nodes, Lymphatic Drainage, Tension Headache, Facial Massage Tool, Facial Massage, Massage Tools