a close up view of a pie crust with holes in the middle and seeds on it
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FAKE Double Crusted Pie 9 Inch Actual Pie Size - Looks and smells like just freshly baked pie

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This fake handmade double crusted pie is available in 3 different designs, is the actual size of a real 9" pie and arrives displayed in a real pie tin. It is made with all natural ingredients and is preserved to last for many years to come. I have cut designs out in the center of the pie where you can see preserved fruit peeking through the cutout. It looks and smells just like a real pie and looks just amazing sitting on your counter top or in your pie safe. These style of pies have been purchased by many large companies and used by models, theatres, actors, displayed in large named retail store windows for the Holidays and etc. This pie comes scented to smell just like real pie which will eventually fade away. If you are sensitive to smell and would rather the pie not be scented. please put that into the notes when checking out. Many people who come to visit at my home smell the pie as soon as they walk in and then once they see the pie displayed on the countertop, they cannot wait to dig into one... They are shocked when I tell them that it is fake and for display purposes only! This pie has been hand crafted by myself with extreme quality using my very own one of a kind recipe which includes real and all natural ingredients preserved apple slices. Display year round or just for the holidays, keep in your primitive pie safe, stage a home for sale, give for a gift, etc. Makes the perfect addition to the primitive, colonial or farmhouse lover. PATENT PENDiNG! REVIEWS FROM HAPPY CUSTOMERS ON MY PIES 1) I had to send you a quick note to thank you for the fast shipping, great packaging and most of all the most perfect and delicious smelling faux "Pumpkin Pie". I placed it on our table on a vintage cooling rack; it looks amazing...thanks again! 2) oh my i love it perfect happy turkey day This fake baked good looks so real and smells good enough to eat but they are just for decoration purposes only. Please keep out of reach of animals and children. Custom made to order so please allow time for me to create and ship. I have made my fake foods for movie props, theatricals, major retail store window displays, home for sale staging, event staging, museums and more. You can also display year round or just for the holidays, keep in your primitive pie safe, give for a gift, etc. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $35.00 WITHIN THE UNITED STATES! If you had ordered scented fake baked goods the scent will eventually fade away which is normal being it is just an oil base scent. If you would like to buy a small bottle of refresher oil which is available in a wide variety of scents, please message me before placing an order and I will add it to your order so it ships together. 1/2 oz bottle is $6.00. This way you can refresh your fake baked goods scent whenever you feel it needs a refreshing.
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