a ceramic bird with a black hat on its head and red feet, standing on a green base
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African Colorful Bird /Rooster Bozo Bamana 24" H

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Superb colorful and fun Painted hand carved of one piece of Wood,
Marionette or Puppet ,depicting a bird /rooster,
24" h by 6" w by 20.25" D
From the Niger and Bani rivers in the region of Segou of Mali. Theses marionette performances with brightly painted and costumed puppets are staged by the village youth association. Although today Bamana farmers and Bozo fishermen participate together in these performances, oral tradition holds that the puppet theater originated among the Bozo, descendants of the Soninke rulers of the medieval Ghana Empire and perhaps the original inhabitants of the area.This Marionette Bozo Mask would be a bright and fabulous addition to your home and collection. less
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