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Ucrania Afirma Que Buques Rusos Están Invadiendo Sus Mares
The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is underway in formation with Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships for a photo exercise during Annual Exercise 16.
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The aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) leaving Pearl Harbor (Hawaii, USA) in April 1963.
USS Wisconsin (BB-64). Underway at sea, circa 1988-91.
Sailors assigned to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Weapons Dept man the rails of the Iowa-class battleship USS Wisconsin (BB 64).
Four retired carriers from left to right: USS Independence CV-62, USS Kitty Hawk CV-63, USS Constellation CV-64 & USS Ranger CV-61. Indy and Connie look in bad shape. They are in the process of being prepped for disposal. Ranger is still on donation hold and, hopefully, will be going to Portland as a museum. Kitty Hawk is listed at the Naval Vessels Register as "out of commission, in reserve."
USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) departs Norfolk Naval Base to conduct training at sea. This shot is NOT doctored up. (US Navy Photo)