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One Piece - Usopp
One Piece crew
One Piece, Roronoa Zoro
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Aquí parte de su historia, de un valiente pirata, comilón como dios manda, que prefiere no oro sino plata, alzando su bandera pirata, porque no merece ver esto, quien no conozca la palabra "nakama"
NARUTO 30 Day Challenge Day 7: Favorite Jinchuriki: Sabaku no Gaara!! Gaara and his siblings: Temari and Kankuro first appeared in the Chunin Exam (before Shippuden). He lived with hate and pain; however, after the fight with Naruto, he changed. Like a lot. I realized that Gaara is very good person who protects Sunagakure. People can change if they are willing to do so. Gaara overcame the biggest hardships in his life, and now, he is the best Kazegake!
Brook | One Piece
Can he even stay in this outfit long enough, before he gets into a fight and rips off a sleeve?