Van Gogh's palette, More artist palettes here:
Des palettes de peintres célèbres palette peintre VANGOGH histoire featured design art
Palettes of Picasso, Matisse, Degas and Van Gogh are works of art unto themselves | Dangerous Minds
Vincent Van Gogh . . . I have never seen this one. ?
manet / manet. Photographic Portraits of Famous Artist’s Paint Palettes by Matthias Schaller
Palette of Wassily Kandinsky
Matthias Schaller, Palette of Wassily Kandinsky (Portraits of the Palettes of Famous Dead Artists | Hyperallergic)
Palette of Marc Chagall  Since 2007 photographer Matthias Schaller has photographed raw, abstract paintings. The paintings however are not found on canvas, but rather smeared onto the tools used to craft each work of art—the palettes. His series, Das Meisterstück (The Masterpiece), claims these be
Nocturne: Woodland - Kostadina Nacheva