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Have appeared in Orientalia Collection (see No. 5 p. 178) these two small volumes with Blacksmiths and Alchemists (Ed. Alliance, Barcelona 1986, 208 pages.) and some other material, to express what this great scholar History of Religion is the Alchemy and Hermetic science and art, and their correlation with almost all known Traditions. Indeed: "The history of European alchemy (and Alexandrian, Iranian, Arab, medieval) begins with the likely influences exerted by the Babylonian Alchemy in…
The Ripley scroll is a truly beautiful alchemical manuscript, attributed to George Ripley (c. 1415 – 1490), Canon Regular of the priory at Bridlington in Yorkshire
"The Elements: Earth" by Jean Mariette (1660-1742)
Medieval - Alchemy - German woodblock 11.jpg (430×706)
Medieval - Alchemy - German woodblock 13.jpg (438×706)
Hausbuch Wolfegg: Saturn und seine Kinder (the children of Saturn)
Paracelsus - the father of modern #alchemy