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marie-zv-superwolf: “ wellcometothedarkside: “ acklesforlife: “ acklesforlife: ““[x] ” ” More photos: ” damn… look at the new daddy XD no ha engordado ni nada con el embarazo, que bien le veo...
Twitter / ProudSPNer: HOW IS THIS MAN EVEN REAL? ...Jensen at TCAs july 2014
Jensen Ackles and his hair that makes him look like a kid. :)
♫ I get lost in your eyes ♪ ♪ And I feel my spirits rise ♫
1. WLS 4. P2B, Ian Okay, weak willed person that I am, I just had to give Ian an Impala to drive.
Jensen supporting Danneel at the Back Up Plan premiere
Dean Winchester