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Allende mi abuelo Allende de Marcia Tambutti Allende (63 Festival de cine de San Sebastián) - Soy Cazadora de Sombras y Libros
Próximos estrenos - Cineplanet
'Transparent', la serie de Amazon sobre un padre y abuelo transexual
The 100 year old man who climbed out the window and dissapeared (el abuelo que saltó por la ventana y se largó) El best seller de Johas Jonasson, fácil y ameno.  Lectura para el 2º trimestre.
The movie that made the tall silent blonde type mucho attractive and desirable...just sayin
STILL ALICE (2014). An engaging and well-made film with a strong Oscar-worthy performance by Julianne Moore.

Still Alice (2014)

Don Jon (2013, dir. Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is... fairly awful. Irritating editing style, only about half a story, and every single character is a paper-thin stereotype.

#theLIST: Cinema Society

Próximos estrenos - Cineplanet
One of my many favorite movies...
Shame Japanese movie poster