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By making 2 marks on the side of your thumb, and moving your thumb along as you work, you have a built in gauge for exact stitch length, without marking up your fabric. Genius, right?  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY THUMB NOR MY IDEA. This anonymous thumb is perhaps the most intelligent thumb in all of history.

Truco para para coser a mano las puntadas a la misma distancia Idea util genial Manualidad +++ trick to perform regular spaces stitch clever Trip for sewing well DIY craft ++ astuce pour réaliser des espaces réguliers en point de couture

HEMMING JEANS TO KEEP ORIGINAL HEM-might do this to make my jeans into capri's.

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Pantalones no encajan justo en la cintura ? Le pasa a todos nosotros! Esta super simple truco realmente ayuda finalmente se obtiene el ajuste perfecto .

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Les presentamos algunos recursos para saber la cantidad aproximada de yardas que debemos comprar, dependiendo del mueble que deseemos tapi...

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