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Las lolitas
Classic lolita, Mary Magdalene floral OP
Mary Magdalene's Génoise Coat in Bordeaux
Cute, sweet lolita: White/blue, pleated dress with blue/gray details. Bows.
Lolita Fashion // Innocent World Tiered Longsleeve alice Dress // classic sweet OP lace ribbon ruffles bows cameo bib
#Leftovers: Angel's Heart -Robin- Lolita OP Dress
#LolitaUpdates: New Released ★~Phalloides & Lymantriidae~★ Series from Ista Mori >>> http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/newly-added-lolita-items-this-week/ista-mori-phalloides-lymantriidae-series
Alice and the Pirates Mystic chiffon one piece dress