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"And I picture a sober awakening, a re-entry into this little bar scene Sip my drink til the ice hits my lip Order another round And that's it for now Sorry Never been too good at happy endings." --Eddie Vedder :)

Dream a Little Dream - Eddie Vedder - Pasar de Pearl Jam al ukelele y seguir molando...¡qué cosas! ; )

El huracán se llama Katrina y lo fue muy destructivo.

14 Most Destructive Hurricanes to Have Hit the US

El 23 de agosto de 2005 el huracán Katrina se formó sobre las Bahamas, cruzo hacia EE.UU. Fue recorriendo varias regiones, y aumentando de categoría 1 a

18) MUSIC!!! This makes me think of the music I love because i'm not only into one genre or one artist. Personally I am a huge fan of rock alternative. Bands such as Weezer, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Nirvana, Alien Ant Farm, and Counting Crows. I also listen to bands like Led Zeppelin and Floyd. My music tastes always vary.

Rock Concert Audience Hand Gesture Evolution

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