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Arcángel Raziel | Secreto de Dios | Suriel
Zadquiel Arcángel Rayo Violeta Conexión con el Perdón y la Liberación del Ego
memoirsofye:  farewell-kingdom:  Sculptures carved from egg shells by Chinese artist Wen Fuliang  SO COOL
Metatron- "I am the guardian of the Tree of Life. Both the base and the summit are your points of connection to the Creator and All Life. I guide you toward the sanctuary of the pure white dove of peace. Let your spirituality gradually become supremely important, for as you reach the crown, you grasp the secret wisdom of All.
Familia Católica: Lapbook 2015 para Cuaresma para niños de 6 a 9 años aprox.
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When a certain number of people come together and they choose at a moment in time to create a precise emotion in their hearts, that emotion literally can intentionally influence the very fields that sustain the life on planet earth. - Gregg Braden