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Valo TV 3 Black Skates
ROCES-SKATE-M12W-Kizer-2T.jpg 398×400 pixels
(valo) skates
Razors Mathias Silhan (SL) Pro Skate
This inline roller skates featured by RS Customs LA is extremely cool! It is very fast, and you can get 10% off by visiting our website!
Manhattan's aptly named Mondohub is a 28-port USB hub (24 USB 2.0, 4 USB 3.0). The last time I set up a new desk, I went hunting for some $BIGNUM-port hubs and they all seemed to cap out at 10 or 12. As a result, I've got a ton of daisy-chained, impossible-to-debug USB hubs on my desk, running the external HDDs, the cameras and mics, printer/scanner, chargers for various devices, keyboards, pointers, etc. This would make a big difference, though I'd be happy with a 100-port version, too.
Rollerblades Solo Hype Aggressive Skates 2011