The oldest known wine: ancient Roman bottle with wine found in 4th-century CE Roman nobleman’s tomb in Germany. The bottle was discovered during an excavation within a 4th-century CE Roman nobleman’s tomb. The tomb contained two sarcophagi, one holding the body of a man and one a woman. One source says the man was a Roman legionnaire and the wine was a provision for his celestial journey.
"Lovers of Valdaro". Valdaro, Italy. Neolithic period (5000-4000 BCE). Double burials are rare, and the pose and the positioning of this couple are unique. After an initial examination of the bones, experts determined that the man and woman were no more than 20 years old, and both around 5 feet, 2 inches tall. (Jan 2008) #archaeology
Encuentran los restos de gladiadores romanos, con los grilletes todavía puestos
Ancient Roman bucket. Art / Ideas / Artist / Thoughts More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest
8th-7th C. BCE  Ceramic formed on a potter's wheel, from Phoenician settlement in what is now the coast of Málaga del Cerro del Villar Spain. Greek style amphora, engraved with an egyptian seal in the form of a scarab. Phoenician syncretic style.
One of my favorite dessert wines...Gallo of Sonoma's Late Harvest Chardonnay.  Unfortunately, you cannot get it in stores, but could possibly find a bottle online thanks to modern technology.  You used to only be able to get this in Napa Valley.
Glass jug (oinochoe) with snake-thread decoration, Roman, Rhineland, 2nd-3rd century AD
Los D20 más antiguos del mundo datan del 304 a 30 a.C. | La Guarida Geek
Cuchara y copa típicas. En el fondo de la copa se ve la absenta antes de la adición del agua.