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Peces - Fishes
Un ciervo de tenedores y cucharas plateados plata vintage, mi inventario siempre está cambiando así que usted recibe puede ser ligeramente distinto al que se en la foto. Gracias
Figura de Cazador Hecha con tornillos y tuercas
SPANNER FISH by  mother and daughter team at www.sparksculptures.com. Sculptures created by welding salvaged and recycled metal. Inspiration comes from the unusual shapes offered by old tools and scrap.
Recycling spoons, into dragonflies. What s beautiful idea! Can find them cheap at thrift store, instead of destroying family airlooms!
Welded Art: Scorpion made from nuts, bolts and two wrenches
How to make DIY Hanging Bottle Fish Art from any old bottle and some wire. Free step by step instructions. http://www.DIYeasycrafts.com
Junk Art fish
fork art fish