Comida Autentica Powerpoint
Free Spanish Speaking Countries puzzles & other worksheets from
Great spanish song to use in classroom! Marc Anthony. "Vivir Mi Vida" activities and articles!

Vivir Mi Vida……la la la la….

Spanish Information Gap Activity- Comprando en el supermercado. Reviews prices & foods in Spanish.

Spanish Comida Supermarket Information Gap Prices

Sopa de letras: receta de cocina
La Comida de España-webquest for review of food vocab in spanish - Make a menu in Spanish project
Spanish Ser With Adjectives Human Bingo Game Speaking Activity and Follow-Up Written Assignment by Sue Summers

Spanish Ser & Adjectives Human Bingo Game Speaking Activity & Follow-Up

The kiddos' Spanish teacher suggested this animated series.  The kiddos seem to enjoy watching.
La comida