an antique wooden shelf with carvings on the top and bottom, sitting on a tile floor
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19th Century French Henri II Neoclassical Walnut Marble Top Dessert Buffet

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19th Century French Henri II Neoclassical Walnut Marble Top Dessert Buffet is a stunning blend of classical architecture inspired by ancient Greece and Rome combined with carved embellishment inspired by the Renaissance to create a uniquely French look. Topped with luxuriously veined and richly colored rouge marble for carefree elegance, it has been fashioned from sumptuous French walnut, considered the premier indigenous European furniture wood for centuries. Three corbels with fletching carved into their faces define the main facade, fitted with two drawers lavished with relief carvings of stylized foliates flanking a jardiniere upon which cast bronze bale pulls have been fitted, each depicting fabled dolphins. Tailored architecture underneath the drawer tier exhibits strong Greek influence, with tapered & fluted columns set upon carved bases that were designed as urns. Even the back supports received the sculptor's attention, with quatrefoil overlay down the entire frontispiece. A shelf midway and below, which is surrounded by bold molding on the base over bun feet, combine to provide two more display or storage surfaces at once creating a light and airy effect while still resulting in an incredibly useful piece that your family will enjoy for generations!
Circa 1870s
Measures 41H x 49.5W x 21D less
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