Mark Knott

Mark Knott's pots are so dreamy. the colors, glaze running, patterns, shapes, textures. Is that a strontium and shino combo you think.

KATILU aiarako keramika-ceramica de ayala-aiara ceramics: CERAMICA CONTEMPORANEA Melanie Ferguson

Melanie Ferguson tall, handbuilt stoneware, fired Layered underglazes and glazes with handrubbed beeswax finish.

Historia del diseño: Expansión internacional de 1851. Morris y Art and Craft

ART AND CRAFT En en Inglaterra se dan cuenta de los cambios que se están produciendo. Son muchos los nuevos inventos y los log...

Vase with Wave Motif. China (Southern Song or Yuan Dynasty) The Cleveland Museum of Art

lich-tung: omgthatartifact: Vase with Waves China (Southern Song or Yuan Dynasty) The Cleveland Museum of Art // ]]]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]> // ]]]]>]]>

ceramica canadiense artistica - Buscar con Google

y Artesanias, con ceramicas, papel mache e incluso diferentes pastas. BELLISIMOS

Tumblr - and-thou-said:astonishing-moments: Steve Sanchez

Closed vessel by artist Steve Sanchez. His work is influenced by the elegance and refined simplicity of traditional Japanese pottery (he lived in Japan in the late , and as well by nature in the Pacific Northwest.

Matsui Kosei ^ uses the technique Neriage, which mixes different color clays.   Neriage:  Living National Treasure:

Matsui Kosei, es un ceramista que utiliza las más antiguas técnicas de la cerámica tradicional japonesa, china y coreana. Es conocido por l...