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a red maple leaf lollipop on a white background
25 Things We Can All Thank Canada For
Canadian Maple
several different bank notes are arranged on top of each other
25 Things We Can All Thank Canada For
Colour-coded money that's also waterproof!
a person holding up a sign that says hockey is canada's game
25 Things We Can All Thank Canada For
Hockey fans whose spirit is unbeatable.
an old canadian travel poster with a moose on it's back and the words canada written in large letters
vintage airline travel poster – Canada - Qantas
a sign that says pure maple syrup for sale here
Canadian Maple Syrup
a moose is sitting on top of a canadian flag and waving it's antlers
i am canadian flag with a maple leaf on the bottom and white letters below it
Happy Birthday, Canada!!
the words keep calm and love canada on a red background
Lovin' red for... Canada Day!
Keep Calm and Love CANADA
a red and white poster with the words roots
an aerial view of the niagara falls and surrounding buildings with people standing around looking at it
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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
a man wearing a hat with the words r i p in front of his face
My Heart Musings {after the Moncton RCMP Shooting/Lock-Down}
RCMP - respect
a man riding on the back of a horse next to a canadian flag
Artwork - RCMP
We will remember
buttons with canadian symbols on them for sale
Canada Buttons Set of 8 - Pinbacks Badges 1 inch - Flatbacks or Magnets
some canadian themed cookies are arranged on a table
Flickriver: Photoset 'Olympics & Sport Cookies' by Coastal Cookie Shoppe (was east coast cookies)
Olympic Cookies by East Coast Cookies
many pairs of gloves with maple leaves on them
Hudson’s Bay unveils Canadian 2014 Olympic uniforms |
Hudson's Bay Olympic mittens.