danger days

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two men are taking pictures while one man holds up a large object
a woman with red hair is wearing a blue jacket and has the words i love gerard way on it
he looks so good here ♥︎
mcr whisper
Hipster, Friends, Feelings, Grunge, People, Love, Shit Happens, Internet
a woman with red hair and knee braces standing in front of a group of people
three men dressed in white with their arms crossed and one holding a guitar while the other is wearing makeup
the front and back pages of a news paper with an image of two people on it
this is awesome
a woman sitting on top of a car in the desert
Grace Jeanette "girl" danger days video
a car driving down a dirt road with the words look alive sunshine written on it
an image of two skulls with faces painted on them and words written on their heads
"Die with your mask on fucker" danger days video set
the party posson logo on a black background with red and yellow letters that read party poson
a young boy sitting in the driver's seat of a car with graffiti on it
Bands, Summer, Art, Cryptozoology
two people standing next to each other on a dirt road with others in the background
Frank ireo and the girl danger days video