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a man with black hair and green eyes is looking at the camera while wearing makeup
Gerard way
a woman in a green and white dress on stage with her arms up to the side
a man in a purple suit holding a small white seal on top of his chest
Gerard Way holding a Seal
a man in a pink costume standing next to a woman wearing a dog costume on stage
gerard way
a man with red paint on his face and arm, sitting in front of a red background
a man with long hair and beard smiling at the camera while holding a cell phone to his ear
a man with long black hair is looking at the camera
gerard way
a woman holding up a magazine in front of her face
two pictures of the same person with different facial expressions, one has long hair and is smiling at the camera
So when he was 27 he looked 14 and when he was 40 he looked 27, what the heck gerard<<< GOTDAMN, waddup I’m gerard I’m 41 and I never fuhking learned how to age
a woman standing on top of a stage with microphones in front of her and lights behind her
gerard way
gerard way
a man in a vest and tie drinking from a cup
the anatomy of a manipulator poster is shown in green and black colors
Coryo </3