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the letter s is made up of circles and swirls on a mosaic tile background
Geometric Marble Mosaic
Geometric Marble Mosaic by Phoenician Arts, via Flickr
an old mosaic with a woman on it
TUNISIA, Cartagine. Mosaic in Cartagine's Museum.
an ancient mosaic with a woman riding a horse and two birds on it's back
Nereida. Museo del Mosaico El Jem (Tunez) Mosaico Romano Nereida. Mosaico de188 x 170 cm.del siglo III, representa una Nereida y un caballo marino alado y acompañada por dos delfines. Procedente de Thysdrus-El Jem.
an ancient vase with two men standing next to each other
Image gallery: amphora
Pottery: two-handled red-figured amphora (jar) with two zones of decoration. Upper zone: Pelops and Oinomaos make an offering at an altar before the chariot race that will decide whether Pelops can marry Oinomaos' daughter: in this race Oinomaos is destined to be killed. Lower zone: figures at a tomb.
an intricately designed artwork with a man's face in the center
Villa del Casale - Piazza Armerina - Enna - Testa di Medusa, partic. del pavimento a mosaico III-IV sec.d.C.
a painting on the side of a building with two men and one woman in it
Large Roman Mosaic Depicting Ambrosia & Lycurgus
Large Roman Mosaic Depicting Ambrosia & Lycurgus - Edgar L. Owen Galleries Treasury
an intricately designed artwork with a man's face in the center
Mosaic Floor with Head of Medusa (The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection)
Mosaic Floor with Medusa Unknown Roman, about 115 - 150 A.D. Stone H: 106 1/2 x W: 106 1/2 in. 71.AH.110
an intricately designed tile in the shape of a flower with a lion on it
Imperial Roman floor mosaic, 2nd c. AD. Scaled clipeus with Medusa head at center.